PREMIERE: Here's the Video for Wet Leather's "Yours & Mine"

This NYC-quintet make "anxiety pop" that'll make you feel A-OK.

Feb 8 2016, 2:19pm

Wet Leather shot by Lindsay Keys

There's something about the fuzzed up pulse of the verse from "Yours & Mine" that reminds us of "Atlas" by Battles—which is a good thing—but the chorus segues this tune into something that's infinitely less weird and way more pop, a little new wave, a little early-2000s punk funk, a little indie disco-dance floor-tastic.

The NYC-based crew term their music "anxiety pop," not that their tunes will set you on edge so much as there's a terse, nervy energy that runs through their shimmying songs. See recent single "Shame" for evidence. Below is the premiere of the video for live favorite "Yours & Mine."

According to singer Matt Bernstein the verses are very "neurotic stream of consciousness." He continues: "We wanted the song and video to be deadly serious, sexy and utterly ridiculous. Anxious and overconfident. We want it both ways.”

As for the video itself director, Ethan Young, had this to say: "It’s difficult to make a video feel like it’s building toward something if the song itself plateaus relatively early. 'Yours & Mine' on the other hand, starts in a tense snarling place and gradually opens over the course of the song into this total reckless joyful bash—a progression that I felt would lend itself really well to visual accompaniment.

"I was really inspired by the rock videos I grew up watching, from bands with super inviting, playful, and at times comical aesthetics—The Hives, Devo, The Cars, The Talking Heads—and wanted to find a similar balance of playful edginess for Wet Leather. I also loved how so many of those videos seemed to move from one seemingly unrelated eye-catching vignette to the next with no explanation, yet everything was so closely integrated with the dynamics of the song itself that it always translated to a surreal musical logic that just worked."

Watch the video below, but know that getting your leather wet is ill-advised and these boys are definitely backing boilersuits.