Stream "Witness A Rebirth," Strife's New Record

This 90s straight-edge royalty act avoids a dryhump of its former glory, and releases its first new record in over a decade.

Nov 5 2012, 8:23pm


These days, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting some washed up old hardcore band on a "reunion tour" across the country. It's aggravating, until you see a band that's doing something more than just dryhumping their former glory. Sometimes you see a bunch of dudes who just got their shit back together, and are slaying just as hard as they were back in "the day."

Strife is one of those bands. Back in the 90s, these straight edge legends ruled LA with a sharpie-marked fist. Tomorrow they're releasing their first record in over 10 years. It's fittingly called Witness A Rebirth, and we've got the full exclusive stream just below. Listen to it and break the objects around you:

Witness A Rebirth comes out on 6131 Records tomorrow. Buy it.