Pornstar Playlists: Asa Akira

Our favorite author of haikus about double anal talked to us about what she's listening to.

Feb 14 2014, 5:25pm

photo via Van Styles

Welcome to Pornstar Playlists, a segment where we talk to pornstars about what they're listening to. Today's pornstar is Wicked Girl Asa Akira. Asa is the personification of the phrase, "But I only read it for the articles!" Because while Asa is super hot and a certifiable a master of butt-plundering, her real sexiness lies in her razor-sharp wit and unrepentant filth humor, which is prominently on display on her Twitter account. She has written a book which is out this year and also has a custom fleshlight molded from her vagina. A true Renaissance woman. Here's what she's listening to...

What kind of music are you into? What are your favorite bands?
I'm into really good music, like a lot of underground hip hop and old school hip hop, but I'm also into really shitty music, like Britney Spears and Justin Bieber. I've mainly been listening to the same artists since highschool: Biggie, Big L, Jay-Z, Atmosphere, Cage, Necro, Eminem, Fugees, Pharcyde, Nas. Some newer artists I like are Kendrick Lamar and Hopsin.

What do you listen to to amp yourself up for a scene?
I wouldn't say it "amps me up," but "Wicked Games" by The Weeknd is such a sexy song, in like, a fucking-on-heroin kind of way. Whenever I do a striptease on camera, I always, always play it.

One song that can amp me up, no matter how lazy I'm feeling, is "Your Fucking Head Split" by Necro. That makes me sound like I'm into some really crazy shit, but I'm not. Unless you think double anal is really crazy shit.

What song or songs make for the best fuck music?
I don't really fuck to music a lot. But one time, a guy fucked me prison-style while Adele played in the background. It was super romantic.

What advice would you give on dating/fucking musicians?
I don't think I've ever fucked a musician, much less dated one. One guy played the guitar and sang for me after we fucked. It was super awkward, and all I could think about the whole time was what kind of facial expression I was supposed to be making.

You're hilarious on Twitter. Who are your favorite people to follow?
Thank you! My favorite person I'm following is probably @keishacakesxxx, who is a fake BBW (Big Beautiful Woman, porn-talk for a fat chick) account. The account is fake, but it's run by someone in porn. Who? Nobody knows. It's been an ongoing secret for about three or four years now. I'm determined to find out who it is. The person is a Gemini. That's all I know.

You're very good at haikus. Write me a haiku.
I love interviews
Talking about myself is
My favorite pastime

If you could fuck one musician, who would it be and why?
Taylor Swift. Not just fuck, though. I would court her, romance her, and make her really fall in love with me. And then I'd just shit all over her heart, so she'd write a song about me, and I'd become super famous, and my pornos would just fly off the shelves like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton's movies did.

You're a big fan of assplay. What's the craziest thing you've ever put in your butt?
I wouldn't say I love ass play. I love anal sex. The difference being, ass play is exploring the asshole, using toys, playing with it to make it gape, prolapse, etc. Anal sex is a penis in the asshole. Basically, I just love dick. That being said, the craziest thing I ever had in my asshole was a chinese harmony ball.

Marry/Fuck/Kill: Macklemore, Drake, Riff Raff.
Fuck Riff Raff, completely based on James Franco's character Alien in Spring Breakers. Kill Macklemore. Marry Drake. Initially, I was gonna say marry Macklemore cause Drake is kind of a herb, but I can't imagine a lifetime of Macklemore's political correctness.

Lastly, what's the funniest/weirdest thing that's ever happened on set?
One time I was fucking a guy next to a lit hookah, and he caught on fire. I guess that's not funny. Except admit it, it kind of is.

Dan Ozzi is an editor at Noisey and just got a serious lesson in assplay. Wait. No, that didn't sound right. Follow him on Twitter - @danozzi