Here's the New Video for TeeFlii's "This D"

The rising R&B singer releases his newest set of visuals.

Jul 16 2013, 4:00pm

So, there's a heatwave going on in New York right now. That means a few things. One, you should probably be inside. Two, you should probably be catching up on all of the great music that you've been missing by being outside in a laptop-free environment. Three, you should stop complaining if you live in New York because Los Angeles is hot as fuck all of the time and they never complain about the heat. What does this all add up to? L.A.'s TeeFlii, whose new video for "This D" we're proud to premiere. TeeFlii first had a taste of the limelight as a dancer in David LaChappelle's astounding documentary Rize, and more recently as part of Los Angeles' air-tight ratchet scene, which if you haven't been paying attention is unlimited levels of incredible and awesome. TeeFlii in particular so great because he calls girls "Annies" instead of "bitches," and he's the best R&B singer in his city right now. He and DJ Mustard, the sonic architect of the Casa de Ratchet, just released the Fireworks mixtape, that you can stream below.