Premiere: League Of Extraordinary Gz Ft. Grupo Fantasma "I'm Alive"

The hip-hop conglomerate teams up with the Grupo Fantasma orchestra.

Nov 20 2013, 4:50pm

Texas has something going on right now. We checked out the scene on The Backdrop a bit ago, which is all sorts of underrated and untapped. The League of Extraordinary Gz is part of a movement, but the hip-hop conglomerate, which features members of Dred Skott, Southbound, and C.O.D., teamed up to define the whole scene in Texas.

Lil J, Tuk da Gat, S. Dot, Lowkey, Reggie Coby, Slick Talk, Dowrong, and Mr. Greezo all teamed up for their debut album, #LeagueShit, which dropped in October, and was filled with soulful beats and a crew of dudes rapping their asses off. Whatever they have going on is exciting, and refreshing, especially on "I'm Alive" featuring the Grammy Award winning Latin funk orchestra, Grupo Fantasma.