Miasmal Advocate Old School Death Metal Purity with "Call of the Revenant"

Stream the new Gothenburg-by-way-of-Stockholm hate, for the first time

Apr 21 2014, 5:47pm

Compile the list of bands that the members of Swedish death metallers Miasmal have served in and it's a natural must-listen: Agrimonia, Martyrdod, Corrupted and more. Their demos made waves amongst the crust and metal sets and after a self-titled debut with Dark Descent, the band has moved on to join the ranks of Century Media with Cursed Redeemer. "Call of the Revenant" is the latest from the Gothenburg quartet, which follows the blueprint set by Stockholm-ers (Dismember, Entombed) as opposed to any local heroes (In Flames, At The Gates, etc). Fans of old school greats like Autopsy, you need this.

Look for it on May 13th in the US and 4/28 in the EU.