Premiere: Listen to “Heavy Weather” a Scrappy New Track From Point Being

The Sydney band haven't been around long but are already impressing with their ragged approach to rock music.

Nov 27 2014, 3:39am

Photo by Chris Foster

Sydney’s Point Being seemed to have appeared from nowhere. They came recommended from trusted Sydney sources and I did notice their name added to some pretty sweet gigs but the time it’s taken for them to release their upcoming debut 7” has been surprising.

But like someone you notice only late into the night who has spent the entire party hanging out in the kitchen, the Sydney four piece have been around the scene for a while.

One of them works at a cool record store, another is a music writer and between the four of them they have an excellent approach to considered but scrappy rock music.

Their debut record will be released on Mystic Olympic, a new label run by Unity Floors’ Gus Hunt, in early 2015.

Listen to a brand new song “Heavy Weather” below and read where they are coming from.

Noisey: “Heavy Weather” the track that we are premiering here is not on the 7” right?
Nick Roberts: Yeah, “Heavy Weather” will NOT be on the 7”. We recorded it with a bunch of other tracks in August this year. It’s pretty much about people who simultaneously piss and moan all the time, literally.

“Degustation” is on the new 7”. Do you ever really need 14 courses? Do you ever need to spend more than $120 per person on dinner?
Nick: The original working title was “17 Course Degustation”, which proved to be a bit of a ‘mouthful’ to announce at shows. Having had my fair share of degustation’s, the artfully plated portions can be so small and unfulfilling that you end up grabbing a kebab afterwards anyway. The song itself has nothing to do with food.

What is the best thing about being in a band in Sydney in 2014?
Liza Harvey: There are a lot of great things, but at the same time there are a lot of challenges here at the moment with the lockout laws and venues shutting down left, right and centre. It's disheartening to be honest. But there's also a lot of really amazing music being created and shared.

Max you are freelance music writer and now a musician. Are you following in the VOM tradition or were you playing music before writing?
Max Easton: I'd probably rather people not know that I am/was a music writer, which seems like the opposite to VOM who I guess made it their shtick?

What do you think of the current state of music writing in Australia?
Max: I have 10 totally great reasons why it’s in a poor state, but there continues to be people who haven’t lost sight of why music writing exists. You’re a good example, in that NOISEY, despite not running the type of articles that a Crawlspace or Mess + Noise delivered; help an underground communicate indirectly through a central medium.

Unfortunately, in other prominent publications, writers and editors think that they can only make money if they write about bands with broad appeal. The quality or worth of an artist (and the conversation) has become more or less irrelevant to them.

You recently returned from a US vacation. What were the musical highlights?
Max: I timed the trip well and got to see Watery Love play in Philly who are one of the only US bands that have gotten me excited for a long time. I was there partially for a conference though, so it felt inappropriate to be sitting through talks while the chorus to "Pump the Bimbo" played in my head.

You are about to come to Melbourne for your first shows what are you expectations?
Max: I hope it translates to Melbourne audiences where people probably know less about rugby league bad boys and the trials of the monorail, which are the band’s primary cultural influences.

Catch Point Being at these upcoming shows:
Nov 30 – Melbourne at Minimum Wage at the Grace Darling with Las Tetas (NZ), Repairs and Stations. FREE ENTRY.
Nov 5 – Sydney, 107 Projects with Nite Fields, Ill Winds and Wade Gilmour
Nov 6 – Sydney, Knox Bar with the Cathy’s.