Hannah Diamond Released a Cute Song Called "Every Night" That Perfectly Captures the Feeling of Falling for Someone

This new song is bold, confident, and reaching for something a little more universal.

Nov 24 2014, 11:27am

I've been fascinated with PC Music member Hannah Diamond for the last year. Her early tracks—songs like "Pink and Blue" and "Attachment"—sound like lullabies, music for chasing kisses and passing notes around a classroom. Listening to them is like waking up in a stranger's bed, feeling warm and content but also suffocated by armies of teddy bears and tasseled pillows, unable to breathe under all the kitsch.

While most of the attention surrounding PC Music has turned toward fizzy-drink popstar QT, sugar rush dealer SOPHIE, and the label's de-facto head boss A.G Cook, now it's time for Hannah to reclaim the spotlight.

"Every Night", released this morning, builds on the crushing sounds of Hannah's previous work without the awkwardness—where other songs felt like drafted Tumblr entries meant for Hannah's eyes only, today's release is bold, confident, reaching for something a little bit more universal. "Every Night" captures the moment when you smile at someone, they grin back at you, you feel both smiles ruminating around your being, and then you leave to go home. I guess this is the sound of falling for someone.

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