Swimsuit Issue Embraces the Hell Out of Spring in Their Video for "Break"

Holy shit, it's sunny outside. Let's listen to music like this and bask in the rays.

Mar 9 2015, 7:57pm

Swimsuit Issue's video for "Break" follows a crew of hip kids looking bored but having fun at the same time—just your typical hanging-around-drinking-cans-of-beer-and-smoking-cigarettes-in-warehouses-and-vacat-lots-in-Bushwick sort of afternoon. The clip is shot beautifully, and as a viewer, we can only assume it’s a glimpse into the world of Swimsuit Issue when they are at their most carefree; that's probably not as often as they’d like, given the demands of careers and life and growing up and all that bullshit. Doesn't real life suck? Anyway, the physically handsome duo is made up of Miles Garber, a menswear model, and Dave Gagliardi, a studio musician. Swimsuit Issue is a fitting name and a nod to the world Garber comes from, as he once told Urban Outfitters, “modeling has only helped. I’m not ashamed of it.”

I’m not entirely sure what sort of scene this group fits into musically and aesthetically, as it’s some guys who are into hardcore making music that sounds like a lost track from Beck's Sea Change. I’m pretty sure the lyrics are about relationships, and figuring out what to do in them. A lot of people would probably love listening to this song.