Listen to a New Fuzzy Jam from Unicycle Loves You

Lots of noise pop/indie psych punk to mess with your eardrums.

May 22 2014, 3:00pm

Photo by Jonny Leather

How much fuzz is like, too much fuzz? Brooklyn-by-way-of-Chicago band Unicycle Loves You would like to find out. Their fourth album The Dead Age is packed with more fuzz than you’d find in a fat guy’s belly button. Lots of screeching power pop medleys topped with far-away-sounding vocals that seem completely disconnected from the rest of the band and yet somehow still sync up. It sounds like the most properly tied-together mess you’ll ever hear.

Check out a song below from the album, “JAWS,” which has tons of noisy bite to it (get it, because shark puns?). You can pre-order The Dead Age here.