Revocation, Insane Riffs and Truth in Advertising: Stream "Madness Opus"

Stream the insanity from 'Deathless,' due on October 14th via Metal Blade

You know what's boring as shit? Playing scales. But every dude who has ever played guitar knows how fucking important that shit is.

You know what's more boring than that? Listening to someone else play scales. I'm soooo impressed at your knowledge of doric callipygian what-ever-the-fuck, congrats on hiding in your family's basement for this long and away from the rest of society.

You know what's not boring? Bands that take their technical skills and use them to push into new realms. Death did that shit. Sun Ra did that shit. And Revocation does that shit.

Revocation know that brutal death metal doesn't necessarily mean super-technical and annoying, it can mean just a simple goddamn breakdown every once in a while. Like the aptly named "Madness Opus," the fucking insane new single from their upcoming LP Deathless. Order yours and look for the LP on October 14 because they rip.