Check Out This Blown-Out Cover of Bikini Kill by Rabbits

"Rebel Girl" With Sludgy-Fuzz Pushed To Into The Red

photo by James Rexroad

Rabbits are fuzzy, and by that I mean the Portland trio love blown-out and highly distorted rock n roll, whether sludge, punk or noisecore or anywhere therein. Their latest song is a take on the Bikini Kill favorite "Rebel Girl", played through blown out woofers and featuring Jonnie Monroe (Fist Fite, Underlords Take Acid) on vocals. Stream that track from the upcoming S.O.S. singles compilation and look towards the LP for six originals plus covers of Discharge, Rudimentary Peni, Poison Idea and more. S.O.S. hits on 12/3 via Eolian Empire.