Beach Baby's "Limousine" Will Make You Feel Very Friday

Slacker-pop perfection from this London-based quartet.

Oct 23 2015, 3:31pm

"Leave it all behind / Don't bother me," sing Beach Baby. Feeling that! Comprised of a bunch of boys who met at Goldsmiths University in South London (where Blur formed) via Athens, Dorset and Sheffield, Beach Baby's sound is an exquisite kind of a slacker-pop, all bouncy bass and insta-hooks, with a shoegaze patina thanks to the tonality of those giddy guitars. It's the perfect Friday feeling song and below is the premiere of the accompanying video.

"We wanted the video to mirror the warped and surreal lyrical subject matter so we arrived at the idea of two young boys preparing for a Mexican stand off, with a love interest standing by," explain the band. "To further unsettle the mood, It was really important that the children dressed and behaved like adults."

The little girl is very Margot from The Royal Tennenbaums. They're newbies but there's a wealth of tunes up on their Soundcloud to dive into, but we've gotta say—this is the best tune in their arsenal. Whatever kind of fug you might be feeling, this will lift you straight out of it. Thanks guys!

"Limousine" is out on 11.20 via Handsome Dad.