PREMIERE: Listen to Norwegian Post-Metal Experimentalists Krakow's New EP, 'genesis'

Stream the Bergen genre-benders' proggy new EP.

Jul 31 2015, 3:34pm

Photo courtesy of Dark Essence Recordings

Norway may be best known for its contributions to black metal, but it's got a big honkin' soft spot for more progressive fare, too. Since 2006, Bergen quartet Krakow has been following the path less traveled, peddling a heady concoction of prog, experimental music, ambient, and doom. Like a more adventurous Isis or modern-day Enslaved without the vestigial grimness, Krakow melds a number of genres into something cohesive and unexpected; some moments on the band's latest EP even recall our pals The Atlas Moth, who are no strangers to genre-bending themselves.

Earlier this year, Krakow released their third full-length, amaran, to considerable acclaim; things went so smoothly in the studio that the band found itself with some extra material, from which this new EP, genesis, was culled. The release shows a more aggressive side to the atmosphere-loving band, and will be available digitally as well as on limited vinyl seven-inch.

genesis comes courtesy of Dark Essence Records (out August 7), and we're pleased as punch to be streaming it in all of its complex, alluring entirety below: