Here's Rey Pila's New Single "Alexander"

They recently left Mexico for NYC and this song is the meeting point between Bowie, Numan, and Q Lazzarus.

Oct 14 2013, 2:55pm

I'm certain that so much good music comes out of Britain because it's so shitty: new wave synth pop came roaring out of depressing Britain in the early 80s, fueled by fantasy and boys pretending to be David Bowie.

Okay, I'm not talking third world despair here, but as you'll know from popular culture/myth/movies, Britain is a land of rain, grey days, post-industrial ennui, and too many people on a tiny island (with bad teeth and bad food).

America has the same vibe, the deep social rifts informing interesting cinema, literature, and episodes of Cops. These countries are both cultural powerhouses thanks to the oyster effect: the grit that irritates the oyster causes the pearl to be formed. (We're both sometime rulers of the world, which helped distributing the music.)

SO. Mexico. They've got drug wars, inequality, environmental damage, and murder too; so it's about time for some escapism, courtesy of Rey Pila. They've newly relocated to New York and are back with their second album (the first through Julian Casablancas' Cult Records).

It's a synth-rock jam that sits comfortably between Gary Numan, Bowie, and Q Lazzarus. It's sexily understated and they rock live. Plus on the flipside they rework Chris de Burgh's "Lady in Red." INTERESTED.

Rey Pila's "Alexander" is out October 15th on Cult Records.

Rey Pila's CMJ Dates

10.17 - New York, NY - Frenchkiss Label Group Showcase at Piano’s (8:00pm)

10.18 - New York, NY - Craft Services Showcase at Santos Party House (10:30pm)