Here's Mean Creek's New Song "My Madeline"

Boy plus girl plus some big fuzzy guitars.

A. Wolfe

What do you suppose a mean creek is anyway? Like how mean could a creek actually get? At most it will get you wet. Up to your ankles. In any case we like Mean Creek and the quartet are not mean. The first line of this new tune declares: "I won't let the two of us down." Who doesn't love a bit of reassurance now and then?

The Boston band excels here by sugaring Chris Keene's vocals with Aurore Ounjian's tones, throwing down some scuzzed up guitars and having a party in the mid-90s. Like Sebadoh's finest work, "My Madeline" is minor chord magic.

This tune was lifted from their LP, Local Losers, out via Old Flame on 4/8.