Slow Club Stuff Their Faces But Still Look Ice Cool in Their Video "Everything Is New"

Pass the ketchup.

Nov 5 2014, 6:00pm

Sheffield duo Slow Club are right out of their element in this video for "Everything Is New." Hanging out in American diners and roadside food joints wearing all black errthang and a slash of red lippy (Rebecca), they accessorize with a too cool for school attitude—which strikes an incongruous chord when combined with this plushly melancholic tune. And yet, that's what makes it work. There's something in the twirl of their vocals that recalls Regine and Win Butler at their most mellow.

Additionally, if you weren't hungry, you will be: Charles spends the entire video stuffing face in slo-mo. Where's Rebecca's burger Charles, you hogger! Pass that girl a pattie.

slow clubslow clubslow club

Photos by Andrea Sisson.

Slow Club's third album, Complete Surrender, is out now.

Kim Taylor Bennett wants a burger pretty much all the time. Follow her on Twitter.