Here's The New Tune from Pandr Eyez: "Brr"

Anglo-American duo return with a new tune that will cut you if you fuck with it the wrong way.

Feb 4 2014, 6:05pm

A few things about Pandr Eyez. I was all about them at the tail-end of 2012 when the London-based Anglo-American duo dropped an 80s-inflected, yet oh-so-21st Century slice of super-slick soul. In the interim Ferren (from America) and Tom (from the UK) have been radio silent but extremely active, writing, writing, writing.

Premiering below is "Brr," the first cut from their forthcoming EP, Present, (out Feb 18), which debuts a markedly tougher sound than their previous releases. Opening with glitchy rave synths and trap-like bass shivers that will sound optimally awesome shaking dancefloors at top volume, Ferren is brazen out the gates—like Kelis on "Bossy"— sassing out the line: "I can bet you when I walk up in the room that the people be like, Brr."

Yup, I just had to put on another sweater. It's chilly in here. Funnily enough, I heard the following line as, "What's your wrist like/What's your clit like?" And I was like, woah, shit just got x-rated, but in fact she says: "What's your click like?" We're still PG-13.

This song also reminded me of the phrase "to wife," which I hadn't heard ever until last year when someone slurred: "I would wife you, you know," to which I replied, "What say you?" Now I know what it means and I say it to all my best girlfriends at least once a week.

Kim is feeling frrrosty and fine. She's on Twitter - @theKTB.