Firsties and Faves: Pompeya

Favorite drunk foods include pizza, burgers, and more alcohol.

Jun 17 2014, 5:55pm

Locale doesn't always dictate what a band will sound like, as evidenced in Pompeya's new EP of tropical bangers, Night (out today via No Shame). The four-piece from Moscow delivers tunes that should probably be qualified as “junglewave” or “beachpunk.” It's the sonic equivalent to finding a scratched-up new wave CD buried in a Caribbean neach. Tracks like “Satelite” jingle and jangle like a cool, coconut ghost outfitted in a leisure suit. We had a chat with the boys about pizza, heartbreak, and Metallica.

Noisey: First time you had your heart broken?
Daniil Brod: Hmm... 31 years old and still waiting for it.

Sasha Lipsky: I was 8 years old, she was my classmate and she had beautiful blond hair. Once, we stayed in the class together, nobody was inside except us. Suddenly, I sneezed really hard and a giant green snot jumped out of my nose. She laughed so loud at me that it broke my heart.

Denis Agafonov: In high school, I fell in love with a girl. I sought her out, and got it! But I couldn't cope with the responsibility of being there for her. Our relationship was destroyed by me, spending too little time with her. She was jealous of me to my friends and music, so she left me. It was the first time I felt a pain in my heart. I cried.

Favorite place on earth?
Daniil Brod: The road.

Sasha: Bath.

Denis: California. Here is everything that I love: the sun, the ocean, national parks, forests, culture, music. It's also very slow and relaxed.

Favorite drunk food?
Daniil: Pizza, burgers... but when we drink, we drink. Not eat.

Sasha: Mostly food from Georgia (the country, not state) that we call Caucasian food.​ The best are khachapuri, khinkali, and pkhali. Try to say it correctly!

Denis: Fatty foods, especially this soup Borscht with sour cream or Kharcho, which is a mutton soup from Georgia. Cold beer and vodka also are good helpers to fight a hanngover, but don't drink too much! You may get drunk again.

Favorite song to dance badly to?
Daniil: Genesis "Jesus He Knows Me."

Sasha: Simple Symmetry's "Apes in the Orange Groo​ve"

Denis: The Tokens' "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

First physical fight?
Daniil: I fought once with my best friend in school. It was not really a fight, because we mostly just pretended. We were young. But my nose did start bleeding after he hit my neck. Weird thing.

Sasha: I was about 10 years old and I listened to Nirvana, my brother was 14 and he was obsessed with Metallica. We started to fight as brothers do. You know those giant boots that metal guys used to wear in the 90s? He literally kicked my ass with them on. After that I understood to not mess with metal guys if you want to have a safe ass.

Denis: No fighting, only love!

Pompeya - "90"

First broken bone?
Daniil: First and last. I was 14 and on roller skates in the street. A car hit me and broke my leg.

Sasha: No bones broken! Lucky me!

Denis: None that I know of...

Favorite thing to do on your day off?
Daniil: Sleep, watching movies, and hanging out with a girl or cat. Or both if lucky.

Sasha: Nap and take a bath.

Dennis: Go swimming in a pool or ocean and lay out in the sun. This is why I need to be in California, I can't do this in Russia!

Night is out now and so is the remixed EP on vinyl

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