Watch Roman's Video for "Dangerous Love" Right Now

After a series of creepy, sexually suggestive vignettes, Roman reveals himself…

Jan 21 2014, 3:20pm

One day a friend directed me to a series of five mysterious video vignettes called Aftermaths (watch them all in full below). Usually, the word "vignette" alone makes me feel kind of awkward, but there was something sexual, disturbing, and darkly humorous about these clips that made it okay, so I kept watching.

In one clip, Roman lies half naked, tarred, and feathered on a bed. In another, he dangles, strung up and tied as two beer-drinking suits watch over him with a whip. In yet another, he's subjected to sexual torture by an unidentified red-nailed vixen. See why I kept watching?

Each of these clips gives you a tiny glimpse of his music. I'm easily hooked by even the shadow of a synth and once I heard the 80s-tinged Moog and drum combo with his Fad Gadget-esque vocals I was… well I wanted more. However I learned quickly: Roman is a total tease. In fact, I'm yet to uncover anything definitive about this deep-voiced, slender, unnerving young man. All I know is nobody out there has this sound.

So after all the intrigue, here's the big reveal: a full music video for "Dangerous Love," premiering above. As you can see, Roman is willing to perform to the death.