Remember How Freaking Awesome Remote Control Cars Are in the New Video for "Dust USA" from Radical Dads

Man, toys rule.

Man, remember being a 12-year-old and the number one concern in your life was whether or not you had fresh batteries for your remote control car? Those were the good old days. I had one that was so sick—it had these huge tires and if you launched too high up off the curb and ended up flipping over, it was no big deal, because it could drive while upside down. Anyway, enough about being a kid in small town Iowa in the '90s, and more about the above video for "Dust USA" from Brooklyn's Radical Dads latest album, Rapid Reality. In the goofy '80s VHS-style video, the band embraces the total badassness of all things related to remote control cars, pretty much taking over the entire world while doing so. God, remote control cars are so fucking sweet.

Catch Radical Dads on tour:

03/31 – New York, NY @ Cake Shop
04/05 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
04/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio