Entomb Yourself Within Execration's 'Morbid Dimensions' of Norwegian Death Metal

Get familiar with the best Norwegian death metal album of the year.

Dec 1 2014, 3:40pm

Photo courtesy of Hells Headbangers

Norwegian death metal is having a moment. Sure, Scandinavia's, especially Norway's, musical reputation—and its Google results—will forever be entwined with black metal. Modern-day practicioners like those within the Nidrosian scene keep that flame burning bright, but a recent crop of outstanding death metal bands have made it clear that black metal's ugly big brother is angling for some attention, too. While Obliteration and death-shaded thrashers Nekromantheon hold it down in Kolbotn, Diskord and Execration have got Oslo in a chokehold. The latter's new album, Morbid Dimensions, is one of the most interesting metal releases of the year, and it'll be a goddamn shame if it gets slept on. It shares some of the same forward-thinking sensibilities with Sweden's Morbus Chron and their trippy new document of death, Sweven, but instead of dipping into psychedelia like their neighbors across the border, Execration concentrate on crafting thrashy, complex, impeccably executed death metal songs with more than a touch of atmospheric doom.

We here at Noisey care about you and your death metal needs, so we're doing everything in our power to make sure you two get acquainted before 2015 rolls in. Listen to Morbid Dimensions in all its morbid majesty below.

Hells Headbangers is handling the North American release while Duplicate Records oversees the European rollout. Morbid Dimensions will be available on 12/9.

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