Get 3D with Bjork in the Interactive Video for "Stonemilker"

Because you know you want to.

Jun 5 2015, 3:42pm

Are you ready for Bjork in 3D? Because the Icelandic songstress invites you into the world of Vulnicura via 360 degree virtual technology. The interactive video for "Stonemilker" debuted earlier this year as an in-person installation at the MOMA in New York and Rough Trade flagships. This is not director Andrew Thomas Huang's first time working on a video for Bjork. He also did the "film and music experience" for "Black Lake." You can now watch "Stonemilker" online from Dazed Magazine. You know you want to, because what is better than watching a kaledidoscopic Bjork frolic in the Arctic tundra? The answer is obviously nothing.