Stuff This Up Your Butts, OK Go: AJJ’s Epic New Video Is the Next Viral Hit

Say hello to the new kings of one-shot music videos.

Jun 29 2016, 2:40pm

Over the last few years, OK Go has made a name for themselves with their epic one-shot music videos that go on to be viral smash hits, and may we be the first to say: Big frickin’ deal.

The band started simple, doing a choreographed dance routine on treadmills for 2006’s “Here It Goes Again,” and then kept upping their own ante. They created optical illusions for “The Writing’s on the Wall” (big whoop), they rode some dumb unicycle scooters in “I Won’t Let You Down” (who cares?), they made dogs do tricks in “White Knuckles” (meh), and this year, they shot a video for “Upside Down & Inside Out” in zero gravity (*makes jackoff motion*).

And while these videos typically rack up millions and millions of YouTube views, the whole gimmick is getting a bit stale. The band has completely owned this style of video-making, with no competitors in sight. It’s like watching the Harlem Globetrotters slamdunk on patients at a children’s hospital. Music fans have been wondering: What brave new act will be bold enough to challenge OK Go, throwing their hats into the cinematic ring as the worthy successors to this title? AJJ are those heroes.

AJJ’s epic new music video for “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” amazingly only took six months to plan, but looks years in the making. "We wanted to give people something they've never seen before, something fresh and inspiring," says singer Sean Bonnette. Shot over the course of several weeks with a hefty budget and extensive crew, the video, which was filmed in a single unbroken take, incorporates synchronized dancing, elaborate costumes, a sprawling set, clever camera trickery, and brightly colored balls.

Could “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” be the future of music videos as we know them? “I know other bands have tried videos like this but nothing of this magnitude,” says Bonnette. “It feels amazing to be the frontrunner in this style of music video.”

Watch the world premiere of the video below and say “goodbye, oh goodbye” to OK Go. Settle in for a few viewings, though, because you’ll want to catch all the hidden Easter eggs.

“Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” is off of AJJ’s new album, The Bible 2, out on August 19 from SideOneDummy. Pre-order it here.

A few "behind the scenes" shots by Erica Lauren...