Stream Weird Womb's EP 'Laziness' Right Now

This Tuscon band's music will make you feel the opposite of lazy.

Sep 17 2014, 6:23pm

I've got a lotta love for Tucson's Weird Womb. They first came to Noisey's attention thanks to this most excellent POV video for "Tanned Tits." Also they're called Weird Womb which made me think about my own womb, and then the wombs of women in general and how truly weird a womb and all the things that happen in there is. Don't think about it too hard or your brain will explode.

Above is the premiere of their EP called Laziness which makes me love them even more because I am inherently lazy and I'm OK with that. I watched four movies in bed this weekend and it was fucking bliss. I think Weird Womb would appreciate how I spent my leisure time.

That being said, their gloriously scuzzy garage punk racket makes me feel like doing quite the opposite. They make me want to throw food and then roll around in the mess I've made. Thanks guys.

Laziness is out 9/23 via Midriff Records.

Weird Womb Celebrate their EP release. Join them.
Friday Oct. 3rd, 8pm, $8 @ Shea Stadium (with supports Gondoliers, Slavves, Tape Deck Mountain)

The closest Kim got to throwing food today was hurling a banana skin at the wall so that it would fall in the garbage. Noisey's Dan Ozzi scowled at her. She's on Twitter - @theKTB