Watch the Video for Jungle's "The Heat" and Just Try Not to Dance

This video is kind of the visual equivalent to that quote about dancing like no one is watching or whatever.

Oct 1 2013, 4:29pm

I've never been to a jungle—unless we're counting those times I played paintball in a small foresty area outside the local landfill near my midwest hometown, (which, by the way, we're not)—so I have no clue what a jungle sounds like. However, the London-based electro-flavored Jungle apparently do, and so apparently a jungle sounds like some funked up, disco-flavored, dance-like-you-just-read-that-quote-about-dancing-like-no-one-is-watching pop music. And yeah, we're more than okay with that, so we're happy to premiere the video for Jungle's "The Heat," a bouncy track that you'll probably be humming today as you leave the office.