Step into the Tomb of Funereal Doom Newcomers Un

Stream the slow, sad, stellar debut from these Seattle newcomers.

Dec 1 2015, 3:53pm

Photo courtesy of Un

Not all funeral doom bands are created equal, but 2015 has certainly provided us with an awful lot of good examples of doom's most emotionally exhausting subgenre. I hesitate to tag Seattle newcomers Un as pure funeral doom—the interplay between their colossal riffs and sorrowful melodies is bit too dynamic, and has more in common with the band's own sludgy post-metal origins and bassist Monte McCleary's other band, Samothrace, than with anything off Stormcrowfleet—but it's an easy way to describe the elegant way they (very) slowly wrap death and doom into the same winding sheet. The band itself rejects the label, explaining, "We wanted to create something more than just a 'funeral doom' record. Our main concern was writing songs that are emotionally relatable without compromising atmosphere or intensity." Job well done, then.

The Tomb of All Things is out December 4 via the UK's Black Bow Records (label founder and Conan howler John Davis also contributes guest vocals to the album). Settle in and stream it below—you'll want a strong cup of tea (or a stronger drink) to truly appreciate its seismic shifts and shuddering depths.

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