Hear a New Album from Chicago Party Punks, Sass Dragons

Listen to 'True Adventure' and remember: you're never too old to party.

Jun 23 2016, 2:55pm

Photo by Patrick Houdek

Sass Dragons have built a name for themselves throughout the Chicago scene over the last few years, mainly for their hard-partying brand of drunken gruff punk. But what happens when party punk bands grow up? For Sass Dragons, not much. The three-piece hasn’t slowed down on their third album, True Adventure, despite settling into jobs, families, and marriages, and spreading out geographically. They recently described the album as “a coming-of-age record for thirty-four-year-old men.” So in case you’re feeling aged out of music, like the obligations of your daily life are making you seem too old and too tired to party, listen to True Adventure and remind yourself of how hard you can crush a beer.

True Adventure is out on June 25 from Let's Pretend Records and No Breaks Records.