Let Gnarwhal’s “Anal Riffage” Tear Your Ass a New One

Blazingly fast mathy screamo from the Nashville duo.

May 19 2015, 2:31pm

Every time we hear about revivals of music scenes, it’s always some garbage genre that no one gave a shit about in the first place that’s getting revived. With an overflowing crud-bucket of bands throwing back to grunge, shoegaze, and twinkly emo, we have to ask: Where are the bands paying homage to Jerome’s Dream? Where do bands who sound like Yaphet Kotto fit in to present day? Will the Hot Cross-influenced bands step forward, please? Thankfully, there is Gnarwhal.

Gnarwhal is fast, disorientingly technical, and aggressively tight. The Nashville two-piece sound like they were ripped straight from the Level Plane roster of the late 90s. Desperately loud screaming over blazingly fast math-punk jamming by two guys who sound like they’re in a mad race to show off their skills on their respective instruments. So while we are constantly bombarded by bands trying to duplicate what Nirvana did, let us thank the gods of music for Gnarwhal.

Listen to “Anal Riffage” off of the band’s LP Shinerboy, which is out on June 23 on Flannel Gurl Records (LP) and Exploding in Sound Records (cassette).