Kitsuné Do it Again: Here's Sego's Video for "Wicket Youth"

Are they fans of cricket? We're guessing no.

Oct 9 2014, 6:14pm

It's really no surprise that French tastemaker label Kitsuné is releasing this track by Sego. It's totally Phoenix: a sublime slice of indie-pop with the perfect proportion of synths and happy-sad melodic tangents. "Wicket Youth" is lifted from their debut six-song EP of the same name (out via Kitsuné on 10.27), meanwhile the video, premiering above, is scribbly and VHS-y and psychedelic-y. The duo are from Utah but live in LA, so we're pretty they don't play cricket, and therefore calling their song "Wicket Youth" is a play on words. They also like wearing all white which is a bold move, a very bold move. Wait. Cricket players also wear all white. Hmmm maybe we were wrong about these guys…