Listen to "Sound of a Void," the First Track Off of Wax Idols' Upcoming Record

Let's turn down the static world.

Dec 11 2012, 5:00pm

"Let's turn down the static world." Wax Idols' sophomore LP, Discipline and Desire (Slumberland Records), doesn't come out until March, but frontwoman Hether Fortune has granted us (and now, you) access to one of their first tracks. “Sound of A Void” is the first single from Wax Idols' latest effort—an invitation into their matured, abstruse new creation—and, in true Hether Fortune fashion, we were not just going to write that and, you know, leave it there. “Enjoy the song because it’s a great song. It makes us want to drive fast and wear lots of silver rings.” No, because it would not be a Wax Idols premiere without a Fortune-sized explanation about the song, the process, the creativity, the sentiment. This kind of over-sharing—yes, we have the lyrics now—is what we love most about our favorite Oakland frontwoman.

After telling us that “Sound of a Void” is not only a song about not knowing what to say (and that being just the point) and asking herself about the “massive void” that she sees and feels every day, and the importance of preserving yet consciously rejuvenating one’s message, Fortune said:

“It seems to me that a lot of people are either afraid to really speak or don’t feel like they have anything to say. Anyone who knows me knows I have plenty to say, constantly, but I’m starting to focus more on the magic in words and in music rather than the assault.”

And you thought this was just a great pop song. Dream on