FKA Twigs for DKNY and Four Other NYFW Collaborations We Wish Existed

Why let Miley Cyrus have all the fun?

Sep 15 2014, 4:17pm

Photos via Instagram

Last week Miley Cyrus unveiled her “Dirty Hippie” art exhibition at Jeremy Scott’s runway show in New York. This basically meant that the singer had gone to Wal-Mart, dropped a cool $2,000 on fast food trinkets, troll necklaces, and glittery beads, and then spent the past few weeks gluing them together. The result of this DIY-mania: massive headpieces and plastic toy jewelry that the models piled on their bodies to parade down the catwalk.

Reportedly conceived during a Fourth of July party this year, Scott and Cyrus’ partnership is pretty much straight out of Zoolander. It’s the type of thing that would only fly in a weird world like the fashion industry.

But why should Cyrus be the only musician to set her crazy idea into motion on the runway? She shouldn’t, which is why we picked five artists who need a Fashion Week collaboration next season. Dream big, you guys…if Miley can put her candy raver accessories on a catwalk, so can you.


This one is so obvious that we wonder why it hasn’t already happened. Over the years Burris has made a name for herself in the indie design scene for her artfully crafted headwear. We’re certain that Pharrell would be thrilled to add his personal touch to Burris’ collection of fascinators, fedoras, and sunhats. It’s about time Pharrell trades in his Vivienne Westwood topper for something a little different, anyway.


Besides the fact that the models’ ‘90s-inspired baby hair was a direct ode to FKA Twigs’ signature look, DKNY’s downtown-cool aesthetic would mesh perfectly with the London singer. She might not be a New Yorker, but DKNY is clearly not choosing exclusively Manhattan muses these days (see also: Brooke Candy). An FKA Twigs collection of crop tops or sporty separates seems right up DKNY’s alley.


Chloe Sevigny was inspired by cult high school movies like Heathers for her most recent OC collab. Because Charli XCX has often professed her love for dark teenage films—not to mention, already has a Clueless-inspired video under her belt—we’re seeing a capsule of teeny plaid miniskirts in her future.


Hotly-tipped New York design pair Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne have perfected the art of cool, androgynous dressing. Grimes should team up with the guys on a line of oversized utilitarian jackets or boxy bombers…both go great with Claire Boucher signatures, like slouchy trousers and Adidas shower slides.


She’s a pop star who layers prints and patterns like there’s no tomorrow, so Kimbra and Libertine designers Johnson Hartig and Cindy Greene are a match made in heaven. Fingers crossed they finally realize this, too, and decide to partner on a collection of kaleidoscopic rainbow dresses.

Liza Darwin would totally buy one of Kimbra x Libertine's kaleidoscopic rainbow dresses. She's on Twitter - @lizadarwin.