Soduh's "Bad Views" Video Is a Multilayered Tribute to East Baltimore

The Baltimore rapper pays tribute to the 2015 Uprising and the city's dirtbike culture.

Feb 2 2018, 5:45pm

Baltimore's 2015 uprising, in which citizens reacted to the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, struck a chord throughout the country and outside its borders as the city responded to a long history of police misconduct and brutality. To many young people, the event, which began when police cornered teenagers trying to home from school, though chaotic at times, was a source of pride in which citizens came together to express their frustrations. Since then, it's not uncommon to see scenes from April 2015 show up in local rappers' videos as a way to convey resilience. That holds true in a new video by East Baltimore rapper Soduh for his new song titled "Bad Views," which we're premiering today.

Over the past few years, Soduh has established himself within the city as having one of the most unique voices—a dragged out deep drawl that sometimes acts as part of his songs' instrumentals. The video for "Bad Views," directed by Marleaux Desire, shows Soduh hanging in the neighborhood with friends who bounce around, playfully boxing each other to the beat. "I just wanted to show our culture. From the way we walk, talk, the chicken boxes we eat, to the beautiful neighborhoods where the most ugliest things happen in," Soduh told me.

In addition to neighborhood scenes and flashbacks to the Uprising, footage of the late, legendary Baltimore dirtbike rider Lor Dev, who was famous for his no-hand wheelies, flash throughout "Bad Views" as well. Being from the same neighborhood as Dev, Soduh saw it as a way to pay respects. "I believe I am a product of my block. If you ask me, I'm the logo and I feel it’s my job to bring the veneers into my world vividly," he said. "Lor Dev has a lot to do with me on a personal level. As I was coming up, we all looked up to him. He’s a Baltimore legend." The song is the first single from Soduh's forthcoming Crocodile mixtape. Watch the video above.

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