PREMIERE: Omni Take to the Rocks in the Sun-Addled "Earrings" Video

It's the latest video from the Atlanta trio's debut LP, 'Deluxe.'

Noisey Staff

Noisey Staff

On Atlanta trio Omni’s debut album, Deluxe, nothing was surplus. Every snare, every inquisitive, jagged little guitar line, every melody from Philip Frobos’s throat—it was all essential. The reference points were clear—Television, Wire, Devo—but it was more than just the post-punk aesthetic that dragged people there; there was a minimalism and a concision that pulled it together. The album's fourth track, “Earrings,” summed all that up perfectly. The guitar bounced along with the melodies, cymbals sputtered in to back up the occasional vocal peaks. The video for the track, premiering on Noisey today, pushes at all the same buttons. Wide shots of the band strumming away in the middle of nowhere are cut up with faded shots of rocks, sunsets, natural ephemera.

Check it out below.

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