Prince SAMO - "Street Viceroy" Mixtape

The World's Fair crew keeps delivering.

World's Fair is one of the most exciting rap crews to come out of New York in the past few years, and the best thing about them is there's like a million of them. Like, one time I saw the entire crew roll up to a Main Attrakionz show and they could have made the venue look full. First we got Children Of The Night, whose Queens...Revisited tape is a minor classic in the Queens Rap canon, then their homie Bodega Bamz (who with the Tanboys and isn't technically in World's Fair, but hangs out with them a bunch) hit us with approximately one million bangers on his Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z. mixtape. Next out the camp is Prince SAMO, whose Street Viceroy tape just dropped today. What makes SAMO special is his willingness to get super crazy with it—listen as he wrestles the tooth-rattling, near-juke level bass on "Megastar" to the ground if you need proof. Elsewhere, you can find him toasting on "Reggae Gold," listen to him hold his own against likes of Mr. MFN eXquire and Remy Banks on the posse cut "Flowers." Oh, and Meechy Darko makes a Dylan reference from Chappelle's Show that should get old but somehow doesn't. We might be in the midst of a presidential election that could decide the direction our country heads in for better or worse, but Prince SAMO and Street Viceroy might actually be what we need to save this country.

Download Street Viceroy here, or stream it below.