Listen to Wavves' New Track "Pony" and Know Life Will Get Better

The best things in life are uncomplicated and easy, like making out. And carbs.

Let's be honest: the best things in life are really uncomplicated and easy. Making out? Easy! Fresh baked bread? No problemo. (Praise be to carbs!) Cheese balls? Toxic, but still divine. Lying in bed? A perfect pastime. "Pony" is the fifth tune to drop from Wavves' imminent new album V and it kicks off with an actual explosion. Apparently the album was inspired by "agoraphobia, sleepwalking, teeth grinding, time wasting, night terrors, toxic relationships, Web MD, and fucking up while trying to be better people," all of which seems a tad fraught, but "Pony" is a straight-up love song.

"It gets better / It better," sings Nathan while pining after the object of his affection. In cuteness and sentiment—not sound—this reminds us of the super early cuts from Green Day's debut album 39/Smooth and this is a very good thing.

V is due out 2.10 through Ghost Ramp/Warner Bros.

Kim Taylor Bennett still enjoys listening to 39/Smooth. Preferably while eating a cheeseburger. She's on Twitter.