Premiere: Watch Ex Friends’ Video for “Dirty Ben Franklin”

The ex-members of Plow United have a new band called Ex Friends and they are currently awesome.

A “Dirty Ben Franklin” sounds like something you should never ever ask for in bed. As in, “I had to break up with Derek. He kept pushing me to give him a Dirty Ben Franklin. Gross.”

Or maybe “Dirty Ben Franklin” is a reference to the city of Philadelphia since it is the hometown of the founding father as well as punk band, Ex Friends. Either way, the band clearly has a knack for confusing expressions, which might explain why their forthcoming debut LP is entitled, Rules for Making Up Words.

Their video for “Dirty Ben Franklin” centers around that unpleasant thing that happens at every dinner party where you accidentally murder one of the guests and end up burying them. Ugh, we’ve all been there.

Ex Friends features ex-members of Plow United, who are pop punk legends around the Philly area and if you ask them (which we did), a “Dirty Ben Franklin” is just a reference to “dirty Ben Franklin. Did you not pay attention in American history class? The man was filthy.” The band then explained that really, it’s about Philly. We knew it! Better check these guys and girl out before you end up buried in their backyard.

You can buy their digital single right here.