PREMIERE: Vanaprasta - "NYF"

It's cold outside. This song will hopefully warm you up.

If you're anywhere in the United States right now, you're probably cold, and you're probably telling the person next to you how cold you are, and they're probably responding to you by telling you how cold they are, and then you're probably tweeting about how cold you and that person are, and that tweet is probably getting retweeted by other people who are talking about how cold they are, and—well, you get it. Everyone is really fucking cold today. So on that note, go ahead and have listen to the Noisey premiere of Vanaprasta's new song "NYF." The track is quiet, warm, and charming—aka perfect for sitting inside clutching your hot cup of coffee like your life depends on it (which, actually, in some parts of the country today, your life actually does depend on it).