Premiere: Brodinski - "Dance Like Machines"

With only four days left until mutually assumed destruction, Brodinski drops a dancefloor crusher.

Louis Brodinski, who has stepped up to the plate with Bromance #7, a technopus of Singularity-heralding headbangers. The premiere track, "Dance Like Machines," is a four-minute exploration into transhuman forwardness by way of broken chords and Canblaster-esque wailing. Check out the video premiere here, which features just enough robot strippers to shake your remote control at. As Brodi explains, "this track is the result of many hours spent in strip clubs and Faber Yayo saying that we pretty much dance like machines. I’m in love with those girls who give you pretty much everything by dancing. Everlasting dreams."

This track comes straight off Brodi's debut solo EP for Bromance Records, his own label. You can check out a teaser of the EP right here, and peep the amazing artwork below.

Want to know who pulls more ladies, Brodinski or Gesaffelstein? Check out Emerson's Brodinski interview from a few months back.