Cardi B's Nardwuar Interview Is a Meeting of Titans, Obviously

Cardi and Nardi met up at Coachella, and it's a beautiful thing. Bardwuar.

Apr 16 2018, 2:34pm

Every few months comes a Nardwuar interview that feels like a real event (most recently this one with Brockhampton), and now the inevitable has happened: Nardwuar has finally interviewed Cardi B. Two of the best, most infectious personalities in music coming together is very special indeed, and of course, they don't disappoint. The interview took place this past weekend at Coachella (you can tell because Nardwuar's wearing his jazziest get-up), and over the course of ten minutes, Nardwuar showered Cardi with gifts, including a vinyl record pressed with excerpts from speeches by US Presidents (a group she expressed her considerable knowledge about in a recent interview with GQ), and a Trina vinyl, upon receipt of which Cardi gives a short but very cute rendition of "Nasty Bitch."

But really, you don't need me to tell you how awesome this is—the names in the headline do all the talking: watch it above, and feel about as buoyed and joyful as it's possible to be merely from watching a video online.

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