Here’s Future and Young Thug’s Snake-Filled Video for “Mink Flow”

If you are afraid of serpents, take solace in the fact that Future might be with you.

Jan 13 2018, 11:45am

Future and Young Thug’s new video for “Mink Flow,” taken from last year’s hit-and-miss Super Slimey collaboration, is sleek, lavish, and adorned with the inevitable mink coats. There are, you’ll notice, a lot of snakes as well: large snakes, even larger snakes, a lady painted as a snake. But, as you watch the video at the top of the page, ask yourself if there’s a difference between Young Thug and Future’s attitudes towards the snakes. Watch how Thugger drapes himself in the serpents while Future… doesn't. See how Thugger stands adorned with a boa constrictor while Future drifts around at a safe distance. And then wonder, as I am now wondering, how Future ended up making a video surrounded by animals that terrify him.

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