Bludgeon Your Senses with Outer Heaven's Game-Changing Debut Album, 'Diabolus Vobiscum'

Stream the crushing new album from this new-school band with old-school leanings.

Hardcore dudes love playing death metal almost as much as they love playing black metal. It's tough to pull off without turning into Emmure, but when aspiring death 'heads actually rage-mosh their way into that elusive sweet spot between the two sounds, the results can be pretty fuckin' dope. For reference, see our Editor in Chief's favorites, Xibalba, and Outer Heaven, a new-school band with an old-school feel.

Outer Heaven came up in the Pennsylvania hardcore scene (one assumes because there was fuckall else going on—a hardcore show is still a show, even if you do dig Incantation way more than Biohazard). That being said, their new album for Melotov Records has far more in common with musty 90s death metal and its doomier counterparts across the pond; songs like "Vault of Whispers" exude mournful decay in line with what My Dying Bride and Katatonia were dishing out in their prime. It's a very promising debut, and a nice reminder of modern death metal's evil side.

Submit to Diabolus Vobiscum below, and grab the record from Melotov Records—it's out today!

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