Nü Sensae's Brody McKnight Takes You Into His YouTube K-Hole

We asked Brody to give us his top videos that not only make you think “What the hell is going here?” but “How can I justify this beauty?”

Brody McKnight (you may know him as that guy with the unwashed hair who plays guitar in Nü Sensae) watches a lot of YouTube videos. No, like, a lot. Like most of us, he trolls, but he trolls deep. We asked Brody to give us his top videos that not only make you think “What the hell is going here?” but “How can I justify this beauty?”

Mark Gormely - “Little Wings"

What Brody says: “This guy reminds me of Tiny Tim or any other singer whose voice doesn’t match his body. But I think it’s beautiful.”

Carmen Kyoko & Andrea Sny-aps - “Man Meat”

What Brody says: “I was sent this video from a high school friend because the girls in this video went to school with us. My friend was like, ‘Did you know Carmen and Andrea have this rap group now?’ This video is insane. It’s exactly how these two girls were in high school. Of course, back then, they were the self-proclaimed 'Hoochie Crew,' which proves not too much changes when you come from a small town like I did. But I think that’s beautiful.”

The Frogs - “Homos” (1986 Home Video)

What Brody says: “The Frogs were a band in the 80s. They made a debut record and they got approached to make a second. They were thinking that the label was going to reissue the first record, but instead, they were asked to make a record about homosexuality, assuming that it was just for personal listening for the label while they worked on a real release. Then, it ended up being the actual release. The record became known as It’s Only Right and Natural and it’s beautiful. The Frogs were championed in the alternative grunge scene in the 90s, and they would even have Eddie Vedder and Billy Corgan guest on such huge songs as ‘I Only Play 4 Money.’”

Turkish Knife Fight

What Brody says: “I found this while in a late night YouTube k-hole. You know—you're clicking on suggested videos and just get in deeper and deeper and end up with something like this, which is two guys doing a knife dance where they may or may not be stabbing each other in front of their friends and family. It seems choreographed, but the stabbing is questionable. But I think it’s beautiful.”

Mbali George Featuring Yvonne - “Party Time”

What Brody says: “Mbali George is a rapper who lives in Boston. He understands that there are rules to partying. When his video co-star Yvonne asks (through song) if partying can happen on Monday, Mbali Georgia responds, “It’s a working day.” Yvonne, the white lady who sings with him, just wants to party all the time. The song is really a conflict between the two of them and it teaches responsibility, which I think is beautiful.”

G.O.A.T. AND YOUR M.O.M. - “Quack Like a Duck”

What Brody says: “This song epitomizes everything that is great about being in a band, but at the same time, breaks every rule I live by. Like, this proves that you can make any kind of music you want and perform however you want, total freedom. Beautiful.”

Laughing Man

What Brody says: “The more you watch it the funnier it gets because laughter is beautiful.”