Scrape Yourself up from Where You Passed Out and Watch Nasty Nigel's Video for "Boone's Farm"

The latest track from 'El Ultimo Playboy: La Vida Y Los Tiempos de Nigel Rubirosa' sounds like what getting drunk actually feels like.

Screenshot via YouTube

Here's the thing about songs about being drunk: At some point a few years ago, we all seemed to collectively decide that the best way to designate that a song was about the general state of substance-induced disorientation was to throw a couple synthesizer patches on there and make the whole thing sound like it was being filtered through a record player sitting at the bottom of a well. I blame The Weeknd and also Tervis Scootch and also all of you nerds who drank like six Mike's Hard Lemonades one time and then spent a night stumbling around the club looking at pulsating laser lights and fog machines.

The reality is that drinking tends to come with its moments of dead-set certainty followed eventually by sloppy mood swings and profound regret and a disorientation that is really more anger at yourself for walking like Quasimodo. Also there's just a lot of incoherent noise. If that's your experience with being drunk, then you will find a kindred spirit in Nasty Nigel, a.k.a. Nigel from World's Fair, a.k.a. Nigel Rubirosa, whose new song "Boone's Farm" feels exactly like that. It's a diary of years of getting drunk that sounds like it's being delivered to you drunkenly in the street in front of a bar. "Four Loko hit / 19, stomached the shit / I mean how young can we get? / dumb as a brick," Nigel raps before howling his way into a hook of sorts: "I had a job that paiiiiid / then threw it all awayyyyyy."

Screenshot via YouTube

It's a decidedly inventive riff on the often-stale genre of Song About Getting Fucked Up, and it's a promising prelude, following the release of first single "Groundhog Day," of Nigel's upcoming summer EP, El Ultimo Playboy: La Vida Y Los Tiempos de Nigel Rubirosa. The video matches the tone perfectly, with blurred shots and moments of bravado mixed with oddly pensive reflections on the scenery and, of course, some steady and surreptitious drinking. Check it out below, and stay tuned for more from Nigel, coming soon:

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