Nacho Picasso - "Black Narcissus" (Mixtape)

SAT Words and dirty jokes? What else do you need?

Seattle's Nacho Picasso seems like a really cool dude. He raps with winking grandiosity about being a supervillain and a nerdy pothead in equal measure, his punchlines are exactly the perfect shade of goofy, and you can't break down his verses without discovering that he's taken some SAT word and used it to make a dirty joke. He's got exquisite taste in beats too, as he again proves on Black Narcissus, his newest mixtape, er, "prixtape" as he calls it. This time around he's working with beats from his fellow Seattleite Raised Byy Wolves as well as productions from 9th Wonder affiliate Eric G, and they create the perfect sonic backdrop for him to get weird to. Download nine-song tape over at Nacho Picasso's Bandcamp, and stream it below.