Mosca Feat. Katy B: "What You Came For" (Video)

Mosca and Katy B's new video featuring plenty o' girl-fight porn.

Mosca and Katy B finally have a video to this sort of speed garagey/bassline/house (I dunno, but it's good) offering, which is a radio friendly rework of Mosca’s massive club ~banger~ "Bax", with the addition of a vocal rework from the inimitable Katy (gurl, I beg you make a new album!)

The visuals feature Olympic boxing gold medallist, Nicola Adams, and has loads of sexy females-punching-each-other shots. It’s like a really, really low budget London version of that bit in Christina Aguilera’s "Dirrty", but if you’re into dimly-lit girl-fighting porn, this will keep probably you going for weeks. Enjoy!