NOISEY EXCLUSIVE: Miracle Fortress: “Raw Spectacle (Diamond Rings Remix)"

Noisey is psyched to present this exclusive track, Diamond Rings' remix of “Raw Spectacle," a cut from the Montreal synth-pop mainstay Miracle Fortress.

Miracle Fortress is the one man project of musician and producer Graham Van Pelt. He recently released his long-awaited sophomore LP Was I the Wave? on Secret City. Exploring themes of alienation and intimacy, the album was created in total isolation with Van Pelt acting as composer, arranger, engineer, producer, and performer. Diamond Rings is John O, the emerging glamour god of Toronto, remixes “Raw Spectacle,” the first single off Was I the Wave?. Diamond Rings hones in on the most dance floor ready aspects of the track. It breaks into that 3 A.M. banger territory usually powered by pulsing lights, sweaty bodies, and lots of GOOD decisions that might haunt you tomorrow—but who wants to think that far ahead?

Miracle Fortress - "Raw Spectacle" (Diamond Rings Remix) by wearesolidgold