Here's a Video of Miguel Covering Bowie's "Space Oddity"

The singer waxed poetic about art, Kurt Vonnegut, and LA during an intimate acoustic set in his hometown Monday night.

Leave it to Miguel to get us crying about David Bowie all over again.

The singer opened a semi-secret acoustic set at LA's Bardot on Monday night with a stripped down cover of "Space Oddity," causing the 300 or so people in attendance at the free gig to collectively swoon/sob/sigh.

Miguel ran through an hour of acoustic renditions including "Simple Things," "Hollywood Dreams," and "Adorn," cementing his status as both a consummate peformer and the most charming human on the planet as he serended his fiance, called on the crowd to help with forgotten lyrics, and waxed poetic. Topics included but were not limited to: Disparity and broken dreams in LA, Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron," and how trying to make meaningful art today is like "trying to fit a steak inside a Happy Meal." Bowie would be proud.

"We need music and film and visual art. We need to seek knowledge in life," said the singer, who's up for two Grammys next month. "There's an amazing Kurt Vonnegut story about a society where they had these things attached to their heads where every 30 seconds there was a sharp ring where they forgot everything that happened in the last 30 minutes, and I feel like we're being programmed the same way. Tonight I just wanted to feel something... new. We all know that life is about being who you are, doing what you believe in, trusting yourself, trusting your instincts. There's an infinite knowledge of wisdom that you already have that transcends all this programming."

Check out the performance, which transitions into Wild Heart cut "waves," below:

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