Listen to Mick Jenkins' "Free Nation Rebel Soldier Pt. 2"

And check the schedule for his performances at SXSW.

If you're down at SXSW this week like the rest of the world, Mick Jenkins is a must-see. The rising Chicago artist will be performing at a number of venus and today, he's premiering his latest single "Free Nation Rebel Soldier Pt. 2" in anticipation of this year's festival.

The Chicago rapper will be performing on three showcases throughout the week. Starting At The Lodge on March 13th for the Us vs The Industry showcase, followed by two performances, on March 15th for the 119 Productions and DJ Booth, and The SleepOver showcases,

Us Vs The industry - 3/13/14
At The Lodge
411 E. 6th (6th and Trinity)
Set time: 7:57PM

119 productions and DJ Booth - 3/15/14
Elmo's Soundstage
415 East St Elmo's Rd.
Set time: 8:25PM

The SleepOver - 3/15/14
At The Majestic
419 B East Sixth Street
Set time: 6PM - 12AM