This New Michael Jackson Song Rules, Haters Drool

This unreleased gem from 1983 is the slap.

What's that? A wild Michael Jackson single appeared? And it's....great??? Yes, yes indeed. Behold "Love Never Felt So Good," a song whose origins stem from 1983, when Mike penned the record with Paul Anka, and, for reasons not quite understood, never came out until today. This disco romp, meant for enthusiastically shaking your hips while secretly coked out at your little cousin's Bar Mitzvah, is basically the best-case scenario for new Michael Jackson, since everyone (including me) was all like "OH GOD PLEASE DON'T PUT MICHAEL JACKSON VOCALS ON REJECTED JUSTIN BIEBER INSTRUMENTALS." I guess that just makes me a hater though, because this song is the slap. It's the first single from Xscape, Jackson's upcoming posthumous record.